Buyer Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the Buyer’s Title
Insurance cost for the Loan Policy. Rates are based on the loan amount,
the calculator assumes that the Seller will provide an Owner’s Policy
of Title Insurance in an amount equal to or greater than the amount of
the loan.

Do not include dollar signs or commas. Round to the nearest dollar.
You must clear the form after each calculation.
Bold = required information.

Enter Loan Amount:
Simultaneous Issue Premium:

  Balloon Mortgage $25.00   Condo (ALTA 4.1) $25.00  
  Adjustable Rate
(ALTA 6)
$25.00  Master Planned
Community (ALTA 5.1)
  Navigational Servitude
*Required when property is on water and/or artificial land
   8.1 Endorsement:  
   Form 9 Endorsement:  
Total Endorsements:
Closing Type: Cash
Closing Fee:
Total Premium and Fees:

Other factors could also affect your cost. This calculator should be used for
estimation only.